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Thread: Looking for good shoe recommendations

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    Looking for good shoe recommendations

    Now that my new shop expansion is almost completed, I plan on spending long hours standing on the concrete.
    What shoes work best for comfort and foot health?
    My wife and I talked about mats at each station, but I thought I would try looking for the better shoes first.

    what recommendations from the guys here?

    thanks in advance

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    Ii like Sketchers. I tried the mat route, but found them to be in the way and did not do much for my feet. The Sketchers I wear are ordinary walking/casual shoes. They do make a work shoe and even steel toed shoes. I'm looking hard at them for my next pair.
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    I've been enjoying my Keen boots and "work sneakers" since discovering them a couple years ago. Better selection in wide sizes than many other companies, with a fair number of US-made options. My oldest ones are still going strong.

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    I spent close to 25 years - give and take - working on my feet in retail, mostly on concrete and/or asphalt tile covered concrete.

    Boots - heavy soled work boots - work the best out of anything.

    Avoid steel toes if you do much bending down. They can try to chop off your toes if they aren't a perfect fit.

    Recently (within the last few years) I've gone over to wearing Sketchers and plopping my ample backside on a bar stool type seat I got from Sears that says 'Craftsman",,,a lot more than I care for.
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    I'm also a Sketchers wearer. They cushion well and are light weight.

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    The best shoe may depend on your feet, arches, etc. I had foot pain (plantar fasciitis) and tried many things over the years. What really worked for me are Oofos:

    I wear these in the shop on concrete floors, outside around the farm, everywhere, and no more foot pain after years. They are soft, flexible material with good arch support. I think they are like having rubber mats everywhere in the shop.

    Iíve recommended these to several people who said they helped a lot. One guy said they are a miracle, the pain he had for years went away and didnít come back!

    Iíve followed lots of discussion about footwear and bought several others recommended but they didnít work for my feet.


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    Don't forget to consider your pronation. Some shoes specify which type they are best for, like Asics for example, which can help with comfort.

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    There actually have been a lot of threads about this and there are a variety of things that folks like and recommend on an individual basis.

    I keep things simple...I wear Sketchers Go-Walk with Dr. Scholl's "custom" inserts that were selected by a measuring device long ago in a Bed, Bath and Beyond store, for additional support. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable. For Me. I honestly cannot wear any kind of "work" shoe/boot and many other kinds of regular shoes. They all make my feet ache and the weight is bothersome, too.

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    Shoes are so specific to the person but I'll toss in that Merrell MOAB 2 boot and shoe have been real favorites for long hours in the shop. I also use mats; nothing fancy, just the interlocking stuff from Sam's Club.
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    As with many others who have posted above, my favorite everyday or in the shop shoe is Sketchers.

    My only point against them is my tendency to build up static. It seems Sketchers seem to produce more of a build up than some other brands like Vans.

    My way of dealing with this is to always carry a metal tape measure and use that to discharge myself before touching anything that might cause a discharge. I discharge through the case, not the tape, DAMHIKT.

    Another observation when grocery shopping indicated some shopping carts will cause more static charge build up more than others. My regular grocery store has about four distinctly different carts. I always pick the ones that cause the least static build up.

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    I wear what nurses wear, New Balance walking shoes.


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    I wear New Balance, with roll bar sole. Get them thru foot doctor due to type II diabeties. Custom inserts. Current pair have been worn seven days a week for the last FOUR YEARS. Time for a new pair as soles are wearing out.

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    Anther vote for Keen. My shop is all concrete floor except for a mat for the dog.

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    The shoes I grab when I know I will be on my feet for extra hours are SAS (San Antonio Shoemakers). Easily the most supportive and comfortable shoes I have worn.
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    custom insoles are a big help

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