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Thread: Inset drawer on sofa end tables ?

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    Inset drawer on sofa end tables ?

    Face width between legs is 18-3/4. Skirt height is 6" I am planning on having 3/4" above and below the drawer, so @ 4-1/2" high drawer face. How wide to make the sides drawer fits in. 3/4" to keep things consistent? Thanks brian

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    There are no fixed rules for this. Here is a coffee table I made years ago with about the same height "skirt" you are talking about with about 3/4" above and below the opening. Note that the drawer front is not inset.

    Here is another end table I made that has a drawer. The drawer rides on wood slides.The "skirt" above and below is 3/4". but the sides of the opening go all the way to the edge of the face frame (or in your case, the legs). The drawer front could have been made as an inset front as well.

    When in doubt make a model from cardboard, cheap wood or scrap. OR, make a drawing to scale on paper, cad or 3d drawing software to see how it looks to your eyes.
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    I made one with similar width but maybe 14" long drawer face. There was nothing on the sides of the drawer face, just the legs. 3/4" above and 3/4 - 1 1/2" arched below.


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    Thanks men. This is what I am working on. Skirt is not cut to length, but is @ 6" high and I will cut it so it can have the inset drawer with 3/4" surround on all sides. Thanks. Brian

    walnut end table clamp up.jpg
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