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Thread: Need Good Forsner Bit Set

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    Need Good Forsner Bit Set

    I've got a big set of Forsner bits that really don't cut very well and every time I use them I think, I should get a set that cuts better. Any affordable suggestions? Also, how about some suggestions for a good counter sink bit? Thanks for the help.

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    I have been buying Freud as needed size wise. They are pretty decent. I also bought a Ryobi set at HD because I chewed a Freud up on an embedded nail (yay) and needed something in a hurry. The Ryobi's sucked.

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    My small set is from Lee Valley and they cut well.

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    Second on the Freud, specifically I've been getting the Precision Shear. You can get the starter set for ~$75. I've also bought some Roman Carbide in less-commomly used (metric) sizes, and I've liked them. Can't speak to the durability though.

    For countersinks I think the Amana sets with the depth stop are great (though not necessarily cheap).

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    I've got a cheap Irwin set for general use and for anything critical, I use FAMAG Forstner bits. They are insanely good, but also not cheap.

    These are my favorite countersink bits
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    I have 4 sets of Forstner bits, and the Fisch are by far the best I've used. They cut hard maple like butter. I purchased after seeing and meeting the Fisch guys at a show. I'm sure the Freud are fine but I haven't used them. The quality of the bit really makes a huge difference. I have 4 sets because I stepped up in quality with each set, if I were the OP, I'd skip the interim step, get a high quality set, and be done.

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    Don't know who makes them but I have run Lee Valley's HSS Forstners for years with good results.

    Forstner Index (4).JPG
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    Fisch Wavecutter (16 piece Imperial + additional sizes in 16ths), plus a handful of metric
    Freud (imperial about a half dozen)
    Colt, a dozen or so both imperial and metric (bought pretty cheaply on closeout)
    The all cut cleanly in hardwoods that I typically use (maple, cherry, walnut, oak)

    Edit: Bought one Irwin/Marples (1/2") it wobbled..shaft wasn't straight but it cut OK.
    Still, no I-M for me after that because of the wobble.
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    Fisch Wavecutter and Lee Valley HSS. Buy as needed instead of a set.

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    About 15 years ago I bought a Freud 7-Piece Precision Shear Serrated Edge set from a Rockler affiliate. They came in a nice little wooden box. I've supplemented it will other sizes purchased individually. They get used a fair but and are still razor sharp.
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    FAMAG makes the best Forstner bits in my experience. I have a set of Freud and when one gets dull, instead of sharpening it, I purchase a FAMAG. They are expensive so getting a whole set would be expensive.

    You'll probably find that you use certain sizes more than others so you can buy FAMAG for just those bits.


    [In addition to the Freud set, I have a set of very large Forstners (cheap, made in China), a set of 1/16" in between sizes, and a set of Metric Forstners.]
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    FAMAG Bormax have out performed every other brand I've tried. As Mike said they are expensive, but worth it.

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    I have had very good results with Wood Owl drill bits. Good forstner bits, and their ultra smooth auger bits are they best I have used in timber framing applications.

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    I see that Amazon has the best price for a 16-bit set, however it's in metric. Does Amazon have an Imperial set?

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