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    Robland K26

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum, been lurking here for a long while and decided to post this in hope that other users own this machine.

    So I've had a Robland K26 for a while, planer feed mechanism completely missing, but otherwise a great machine. Been using the saw, shaper and jointer with much satisfaction and great results.
    Does anyone else here own this machine? I'd like to ask a couple of questions but mostly I'm interested in insights on upgrades done (byrd cutterhead, better rip fence, workaround for saw tilt, etc.).
    I've done extensive research on my machine, it was made for the European market (I'm Romanian) and thus the arbor does not accept a dado stack. It also seems that Startrite used to sell them as a distributor.

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    Hello, there is an online group at that, while not specifically about the K26, is quite helpful regarding various Robland machines. Good luck. -Howard

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