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Thread: My favorite shop product is…

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patty Hann View Post
    Ditto on the double sided tape and digital calipers (obviously we have a toss-up situation here )
    I also use my digital calipers a great deal and probably more often than double sided tape and painters tape.
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    Rattle can Bullseye and mineral oil are always at hand. Masonry string and Lufkin folding rule for tools.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Schierer View Post
    I also use my digital calipers a great deal and probably more often than double sided tape and painters tape.
    I use the calipers lots and lots, the DS tape not so often; but when you DO need it, it really fills the bill.

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    Drafting brush - one by each machine - and my 6" Starrett square. And I use the bench horses on every project just about.
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    +3 or +4 for digital calipers. I use them a ton.

    Veritas saddle marker would be high on the list too.
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    The door knob. I use it everytime I go into the shop. Also the door and really the doorframe where I walk through. the wall.
    Bill D

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    One of my favorites are these Utilitas Hook Rules from LV. LINK They are graduated in 16ths, which suits me. On one side, the scale starts (from zero) at the hook. On the other side, the scale starts at the other end. It's astonishing to me how useful that feature is for the work I do.

    Another favorite are my double squares, especially the 4". Someone here on SMC recommended that I try one - now I have several.

    Finally, another surprisingly useful gadget is my LV miniature block plane. This thing is about an inch long and is very handy. LINK (At $44 it's pricey though.)
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    I would have to say my optivisor. But as I get older I seem to use it more out of the shop then in the shop.

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    Waterlox original!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Bain View Post
    I thought I was the only one who was required to sacrifice blood to the woodworking gods for each and every project!

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    Bandaid? What did electrical tape go out of style? Or duct tape for the big stuff lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Kananis View Post
    Bandaid? What did electrical tape go out of style? Or duct tape for the big stuff lol.
    Yes, those are perennial favorites for fixing, That said, the latest generation of elastic bandages includes some that actually stay stuck around a wound as well as some specifically designed to work around "finger joinery", if you catch my drift. I have the former in my shop first aid kit and will have some of the latter as soon as local pharmacies are restocked...they all have been out of those suckers. (Not that I need them often, fortunately)

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    Almost forgot ca glue. Works even better than duct tape haha.

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