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Thread: I'm baaaaack

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    WOW! I was just thinking about you and a few others who have faded away from SMC since I started.

    Awesome news and welcome back. My challenge right now is I weigh a smidgen more than both you and your dynamo combined!

    What an amazing story.

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    Congratulations, Bill. As a cancer survivor, (stage 4 lymphoma) I understand the trials you've been through. Speaking from my own experience, you'll never be the "old you", but you'll develop a new normal. I move much slower and have a lot less stamina, but if has made me more appreciative of the time I can spend in my shop and all the small things in my life. Yes, 12 courses of chemo and a stem cell transplant changed me, but I'll forever be grateful that I'm still making sawdust.

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    So happy for you. Pancreatic cancer is a most nasty thing. My brother was in the 85% group. So glad to hear a story of success. Go get ‘em!

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    Great to hear! Keep at it!

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    Glad to see you're back.

    I remember when you're avatar changed to the purple ribbon and I thought this sucks. Had memories of when it took my Dad.

    So happy you could change your avatar to something with a brighter future.

    Can't wait to see what projects you have for your new granddaughter.
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    So good to hear the good news Bill. You have inspired us all greatly, with your stamina,will and love for life.

    Heres to many peaceful days ahead, with your wife and family, and the SMC crowd.

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    Great news Bill and welcome back.

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    Thanks for all the welcome backs, kind words and encouragement.
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    Welcome back Bill. What you've been through ain't for the faint of heart. Best of luck and be sure to enjoy your life. -Howard

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    Great news. Now that you are in my neck of the woods, feel free to come visit our club - Fox Valley Woodworkers. You don't even have to have your shop set up. It's a little hike for you, but I think we are the closest club. We meet in Batavia at the Batavia Lutheran Church on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30. We have about 120 members and they come from all up and down the Fox Valley. But we would love to have you come visit.

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