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Thread: Silicone Caulk Remover - Which is the best

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    I did a test with the 3M yesterday on GE Clear silicone. It did a tiny bit more than nothing. It caused the feathered edge to peel and softened the bead enough to help it come away with a modest amount of scraping. A little residue left behind was soft and scrubbed away easily.

    I will see if this Goo Gone is any better.

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    Going back many years my memory says there are 3 different cure systems for RTV silicone caulk. The original one was acetoxy AKA vinegar cure it is readily identified by the smell. Next came alkoxy, and finally octoate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom M King View Post
    I bought some plastic razor blades with holders. The blades work pretty good without scratching, but the holders didn't last long. They will probably fit in regular razor blade holders, but I was able to finish what I had to do with them.
    Used these, this morning, takes off about 90% of the silicone with ease without scratching the fiber glass top coat.

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    To make a neat looking finished bead, a lot of people seem to think you spread it out. It's best not to spread it out, but rather to take off the part that you don't want. I end up throwing away about half of what I put on with the gun sometimes.

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    I've used silicone 'removers' in the past and it's a frustrating experience. My understanding is that rather than dissolve the silicone, they break down the bond between the silicone and substrate. To be effective, you first gotta get as much off as you can before applying the remover and scrubbing away. It can take many repeat applications to get it all off.

    This is one of the reasons I generally hate silicone, outside a few applications. Mostly there's always a better product to use.

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