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Thread: large standing sign

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    large standing sign

    Hi, looking for advice on methodology to fabricate single letter signs as in photo but 1.8m tall to be installed in sand very close to a beach restaurant. Has to be weather proof. Had thought of 12mm PVC board, jigsaw cut. Have never tried such signs before. Grateful for input.
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    Can you do it with a banner tha has the 3d graphic look ?
    Looks like you are in the decorating business . There is a company that sells only to the trades called Signs365
    We ahve used them for canvas banners they are great and fast. They have several products that might work for you check them out.

    However if your customer wants the 3D look I would suggest this may not be the job for you.
    I was in the decorating business for 17 years and have been making sawdust for 50+ years I would not touch this job with a 10 foot pole and at any price.
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    Something like that can be fabricated with a lot of different kinds of non-wood materials, but the size and location pretty much dictates that the letters have a strong internal framework so that they can survive "in the wild". That kind of framework would typically be welded steel based on what I've seen from pro signmakers. You may need to work with a local resource that can do that kind of work as a subcontractor if it's not in your wheelhouse.

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    Signs at the beach will be sand blasted by most storms and will rarely last very long.
    Use solid surface material, the color will never be blasted away.

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