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Thread: Porter Cable 75192 router motor

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    Porter Cable 75192 router motor

    I have a Porter Cable 75192 Type 1 router mounted in my router table. My problem is that when operating the router the router bit will jerk. I have replaced both bearings unfortunately I still have the problem. I have taken the router OOS until I can figure out what the problem is. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    A few thoughts. 1. Are you bottoming the bit in the collet? It should not be. That can lead to the bit not being properly secured in the collet. 2. Is the shank of the bit damaged? If the bit was used in a bad collet, the shank may not be smooth leading to it not being secured properly in the collet. Which leads to. --> 3. The collet is damaged or worn out. Have you changed the collet? Elaire Corp is a great place to get replacement collets for PC routers.

    Another thought, if you rule out bit holding, is that the router itself is not fully secured in its lift. That's a bit scary, but something you should investigate.
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    I would offer trying a bit with a bearing outside the router table set up if possible. This would take one variable out of the troubleshooting.

    Also agree with the bottomed out/collet concerns. About 1/8 up will do the trick. Some bits are marked where the min/max shaft can be mounted.

    Good luck!

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