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Thread: 5 x 10 CNC's with upgrade possibility to auto tool changer

  1. Thanks bill for your pessimism. TLDR: 18k+1k to ship. 2K tariff and port, pickup and no rigging needed. Easy English tech support and easy setup according to other owners.

    The price of my machine was $18k (but I said he could get a full ATC machine for 15k with different options) . A bit less than $1k to ship to the port in NJ. The invoice is written for less than full price do tariff and fees should be $2k. I can pickup the machine with a trailer at the port for time and gas. And I have a friends construction company next door with a telehandler that will unload and put the machine through my shop door. No riggers needed to move the last 10í with my gantry and pallet jacks. 3800#.

    Setup is a few hours as the machine is complex assembled apart from some covers. There are wires to hook up, vacuum pumps to place, dust collection. But that is for any machine.

    I am already talking to the English speaking tech support team who are great and other owners of this companyís machines in the US. I can reach them on WhatsApp or phone. So it is no harder than reaching US based support. I canít even get my local power company on the phone for weeks, but I can get a Chinese tech support guy to send me specific pictures and directions in a couple of hours!

    Control software is already setup (LNC WM2200) and test cuts have been made on my machine at the factory, unless you mean installing Aspire which is done.

    So there. Bill being Bill.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Michael Burnside View Post
    7K or roughly 30% above actual cost just to get it to you? Do you have a link to share of the manufacturer?

    I paid 1600 to have mine delivered across the country from Minnesota and 250 for a forklift. Seemed reasonable for an insanely robust, heavy steel frame and gantry.
    The manufacturer is StyleCNC. They have a youtube channel that you can see. Bill will probably have a fit if I post a direct link, but I bought a STM1530C model. Search their name and that model and it has a nice spec page that also has videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Becker View Post
    The advantage to the 5x10 is the ability to use the wider material when that's appropriate and some commercial work does indeed benefit from the 10' length.
    Oh, I'm not disputing 5x10 > 4x8, that's not an easy argument to make. Bigger is better and all that. The only real downside is gantry width, but if you buy a Camaster or Shopsabre it's non-issue as their gantry construction leaves zero flex. If it were aluminum, I'm not so sure I would say 5x10 is better, but that's my opinion of course. The 5x10 would interest me if I use a lot of 5x5 BB and I want to do production work otherwise 4x8 is more than sufficient and I can save a little money as well as realestate in my shop.

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    No disagreement. I honestly do wish my 4x4 was either 5x5 or 4x8, but alas, the latter would not have fit in my old shop, so I passed on it. Sad because it would have only incremented the cost by about $3K for an additional 4 feet; a small fraction of the total cost of the machine.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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