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Thread: Omtech Laser

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    Omtech Laser

    My son's boss just got a Omtech 100W laserand wondered about that machine. Any body have any opinions about that unit. I have only used
    Epilog and ULS and I have no idea about the Omtech.

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    std chinese glass tube laser. Nothing special about it. I question 100w, I see a lot of these at 100 and 120w and even 150w, which in my opinion are really only good for cutting.
    Even my 80w is marginal on some items, I struggle with low power engraving and another 20 or 50watts will make that even worse.
    Just my opinion. Will have a std Ruida controller, use lightburn as real program.
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    I had a ULS 50 watt 12x24 for 15 years, its was a great reliable machine and the customer service was second to none.
    Back then it was 15k and I struggled to make my money back.
    I now own an Omtech 80w 20x28. Its 1/10th the price and the tube replacements are half.
    I do have a few glitches here and there but there is a great FB page where the guys (and women) are really helpful.

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    only 2 hours ago I ran this photo on leather, on the fuzzy side even, in my 9 year old 80w RECI 1300x900 Triumph, at 18% power, 700mm/s speed and a .12mm scangap--the halftone conversion courtesy of Universal 1-touch (I CANNOT say enough about 1-touch, it just plain works!)
    commander 2.jpg

    I also get fantastic basic engraving out of it. I HAVE made many tweaks to the settings to get it to engrave nicely, but it DOES engrave nicely!

    It's rather S--L--O--W, to be dam sure, but no other complaints!
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    Yep used to own a uls. Now have 3 Chinese laser. Slower at engraving. Max speed 850mm for engraving. But the quality is pretty good. Owned 1 machine now for 10 years. Cutting is good as also. But I don't know about omtech. Though a person I know just got one.

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    Thanks for the info

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