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Thread: Resaw 13” wide cherry

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    What did you end up doing with those cherry boards?

    I just resawed a 5” x 20” piece of oak to get two drawer backs out of it. It took about 30 minutes. About half way through I was wishing for a band saw. I’ve got two more sets of drawer sides and one more drawer back to get down to thickness for the chest I’m making now. It will be while before I make something else that requires a lot of resawing.


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    Actually in my 2nd post I confessed to just trimming it down to fit the bandsaw. There was a bit of sapwood so it was a decent point to make the cut.

    It made me regret not following through on ordering a 24" minimax a couple years ago. I think I might end up trying something like the Bad Axe frame/kerf saw system first. I have a 15" wide board that I definitely would like to avoid cutting down.

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    Well.... I will be selling a mint condition 3 phase Laguna 24/24 very soon (upgraded guides and mobility base). Hobby use. I am getting Y-30 snowflake as I always wanted one and got lucky to find the right one, not that I am unhappy with the Laguna. I am in Southern California. Yesterday, I just talked to Jesse at Eagle Tools who I purchased the Laguna from. He thought my Bandsaw would retail for $5,500 - $5,900. I told him he could have it for $4,500. He will get back to me. The $4,500 would be for anyone, and I would sell it for less if I can't sell it for that, suggesting that $4,500 is above market value.

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