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Thread: Another this vs that thread

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    Well Laguna has managed to temp me.

    They have a scratch and dent 2436 factory assembled and tested for an all in cost of 3,800. That's delivery and tax included. I expressed that I was nervous about shipping a fully assembled machine halfway across the country, plus having to move it on my side. To they offered a mobile base unit half off for 350. So for an all in of about 4,200 it would be an unused but scratched 2436 with the mobile base. The unit comes with a 6 month warranty.

    Any thoughts on this deal?

    I sincerely appreciate all of the input thus far - very helpful!

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    Effectively, scratches and bumps will disappear once you start using it. Plus, about the only issues you may have are with the electronics and no matter which brand machine you get, if it has variable speed and other such stuff, they are all in the same boat.

    The ergonomics of the machine are important and if they fit with your way of working, then that machine should see you out. Bearings if they are ever an issue, take around 1-2 hours to replace and under $50.00 AUD at any bearing shop.

    The wheel kit is a no brainer, makes moving the machine easy peasy; I love my wheel kit.

    If you can, order it with two lamps, one goes on the headstock, the other goes on the tailstock out the back. It is the best lighting I have ever used on a lathe and friends who have seen my lathe in action, or have used it, go away figuring out how to have the same lighting set-up.

    Have you telephoned them back with a huge YES, yet?

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    This is with the bed extension on, you can see the two lamps.


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    haha I have not called them back yet. The young lady at Laguna is incredibly helpful. It's helped to set aside some of my concerns about their customer service if I'm being honest. I guess my biggest fear is related to the shipping. Shipping a fully assembled lathe where millimeters matter as far as alignment makes me nervous. With it shipping assembled I don't see a way around the mobile base so that's a great deal. 6 month warranty vs 2 year new is a bit of a downer, but I imagine most major failures and such which would be covered would likely happen in the first 6 months anyway. Oye my head.

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    In other news I just discovered I can change the display setting on this forum from Hybrid to Linear - oh thank God haha. The threads were making my nutty.

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    I am surprised they would ship it fully assembled as it would be easier to crate up disassembled. But, if that is the deal I would say yes, but on the delivery inspection I would note no visible damage on crated item assuming there isn’t visible damage.

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