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Thread: Cheap Welding Leads

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    Cheap Welding Leads

    A few years back, I added a thru the wall plug for my welding leads, as I do all my welding on concrete apron across front of shop. Also converted Miller Thunderbolt to a DC option at the same time. Seldom weld anything more than ten feet from plug assembly. My set of leads (#2 AWG) consisted of a 35' electrode and 15' ground, meaning every time I use welder I had to get out and put away 50' of leads. Recently watched a video where poster used battery cables from Dodge Challenger / Chrysler 300 to make new leads. Went to local LKQ and bought two cables for less than thirty bucks. These are Prestoflex #1 copper welding cable, 12' +/- long. Add a couple plugs and an electrode holder and ground clamp, and I'm in business. Two or more sections of cable could be joined together to make longer leads if needed. Google $5 welding leads for video showing how, plus how to remove cables from car. A pair of these cables, along with correct clamps would make a sure enough heavy duty set of jumper cables.
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    I wonder how big the wires are for hybred cars? Big enough to weld?
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