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Thread: How can I make my magnetic catch admustable when bored into the wood?

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    How can I make my magnetic catch admustable when bored into the wood?

    I am making plantation shutters. I am aware of the many ways they can catch when closed. I like the idea of a magnet behind the door flush with the wood. Simple. Buy 1/2 inch rare magnets from Woodcraft and the 5/8 cup, forester bit to proper depth and done.

    For the other side, I will have a strip of wood at the bottom of the opening. I need it to be setback a bit to avoid the doors rubbing near the hinges. For that, I will drill and insert the metal cup that would normally be flush with the wood. Actually any metal (not aluminum or SS) would work. What I want is something that is adjustable.

    I am wanting something of metal that I could counterbore in a hole an screw in where how much I screw it in determines how proud, but the face is round and flat.

    Any thoughts on that? Thanks.
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    This is closest I can recommend to getting the job done. Hafele is where I get these, sold in pairs. Just unscrew and discard original metal housing.
    You'll need a stepped hole giving you enough clearance to grip and twist for depth adjustment using the knurled border around the magnet's face as this approaches flush. For appearance, they are also available in oil rubbed bronze, though the few bronze I have on hand still have the bright nickel finish on the inset magnet's face. After a second look, I see that label shows the part number for the ORB.

    Digital calipers say 7.59mm, threads are right at 1mm crown to crown, so looks like an 8x1mm tap should do the trick. (They definitely do not fit my SAE thread finder.)



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    Hmm... I wonder if I can use that screw with a threaded insert

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