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Thread: Nova 1624-44 DVR Upgrade -Stepper motor setting… Why?

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    Nova 1624-44 DVR Upgrade -Stepper motor setting… Why?

    After running my Nova in belt swap mode since I bought it in the mid 2000s or so, I decided to buy the DVR upgrade.

    Despite the fact that the kit came without any instructions for the swap, I kinda reverse engineered the original assembly I did back then and it came together fairly easily.

    After UPS dropped off the box, I took it to the shop as my wife called out to say she was heating up some ravioli and zucchini. I took her comment as suggesting that I shouldn't start something I can’t finish before dinner was ready.

    As it turned out, the swap was completed before dinner was ready.

    Seems to do what it should. Surprised to see that it goes down to 50 rpm. The manual includes navigation of the settings menu which includes a setting to switch the motor to a stepper mode.

    I have always associated steppers with robotics where arms are controlled in precise movements. Not sure how moving a spindle 2 degrees and stopping applies to turning.

    Here’s a shot of the manual reference to switching to stepper mode. I guess I could do it just to say I did it.

    Or, I could bypass the hand wheel for some yet to be determined purpose.
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