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Thread: upper cabinet project - q1 - hinges

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    upper cabinet project - q1 - hinges

    Starting the design of the upper cabinet for a built in. I just finished the bottom after a long delay. i built all the cabinets in the house (my first cabinet build) and just now am getting around to finishing this project. The wood is tigerwood -- left over from the deck. There are many firsts here for me -- cocks bead, pretty new to inset doors, never done glass shelves, etc. I'm likely going to have several questions as i go thru this so i'm calling this on "q1"

    In case it's not obvious -- door panels will be glass (1/8") and the shelves will be glass. I'm showing stiles/rails at 1.5". The glass shelves are not shown in the sketchup attached. Two glass shelves i think. The biggest span is only 27". Also there's a solid shelf between the two cabinet sections. The back will be veneered plywood.

    My question is one of hinges. I'm not 100% i'll continue the cocks bead up on this top section but i should to keep the look consistent. But that seems to complicate the hinge selection even more. The only hinges i've ever used are euro cup style hinges and given the glass fronts i'm not sure that will look right. Also notice that the cocks bead sits proud of the front of the fraceframe/doors.

    I'm leaning to using the Soss hinges. Is that a good selection? Seems like with jig it's pretty doable but boy, there is zero adjustability. I suppose i could also use normal butt/barrel hinges as well but whatever i use i think i'd like them hidden as they are hidden in the lower cabinet.

    Also if you look at the upper portion i'm currently thinking that that center section will lift up -- not sure what hinge to use there.

    Currently thinking the "side lights" will be non-operable but i suppose those could be doors as well.
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