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Thread: Pep Talk for my Tools

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    Pep Talk for my Tools

    Do you talk to your tools? I'm working with a little aluminum and need precision. Told the tablesaw 'it's just a small amount and you're so good it won't be a problem for you, and I'll clean up all the sawdust before and after'. It went well. Then came the chisels; good woodworking chisels. 'you're TOOL STEEL' I said 'this is just soft aluminum, you can do it, and I'll resharpen you later'. Chisels get pounded so much they don't know that later could mean anytime this millennium. Well it's halfway thru that faze, to be followed by a bit of filing. I expect very little wining from that crowd.

    Years ago I inherited my father's 6" vernier caliper. I need to use a magnifying glass to read it and it's been a few decades since I used a vernier. Took a little practice but I have it sorted. That tool got put away with a proper salute.

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    I do not. My tools talk to me. They say things like "you moron" or "what were you thinking"
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    If I do, I cannot quote myself here 'cause it would violate the TOS.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Tom im worried about you

    Im sure there have been some things the odd time i cant repeat here or will self destruct in 10 seconds. Cant say I talk to them but do know I appreciate them and with many I can appreciate more as there is some history. I have machines and hand tools from two of the old guys and it really does make them special. Its not just they work well.

    One story I see one old guy he says did you go to my home and take my hand tools, he had told me twice. I said no I feel like a vulture. He said dont be stupid if you dont take them someone else will get them. I went that night, I guess they were the right words the way he put it, I felt I had permission in some way.

    Machines I bought from him past as he was a do things ahead of time guy. The other one the wife had them for years kept his shop like a shrine. I used to go there to use one machine She used to cry every time and then id talk to her for an hour. Make believe therapist. I told her after some years I can cant do this anymore as I upset you too much. Then months later got a call she had been to Germany to the shop he worked in and the owner had told her not to let the machines keep sitting in an unheated shop they would rust etc. The call was her son was taking this and that and she would like to know if I would buy a few machines. ummm yes. She is in her own home still in her 90's and strong and happy. One son lives five minutes away if ever needed. When we talk I thank her each time, she thanks me knowing there are in a good place being appreciated. Simple stuff I know but little things count in this messed up world.

    Not sure i talk to them but do know when I walk up to them I really do appreciate them.
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    I had a pep talk with a sawzall that I didn't realize had 99.9% dead battery until i climbed into the far corner of the attic just yesterday. Something a little less refined than, "come on, it's only one more 2x4, you can do it!" was said. It seemed to help. Well that and the finishing the last cut with a hammer.

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