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Thread: gravograph ls100 wont boot

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    gravograph ls100 wont boot

    hi, iam new in the forum, but i being reading here for a couple years. i have a gravograph ls100 that i bought brand new around 8 years ago. iam far away to be an expert but i always try to read and understand. i stoped working with the ls100 4 years ago, and now i started using it again,. i was working ok ., but suddenly, today i was doin some cuts in a 2mm MDF then when i finished it i went for dinner. when i came back i tried to continue with other jobs but then windows print spooler said L-solution cant complete job. so i tought some windows error so i proceed to power off the Ls100 and then power back on. here came the problem.

    After turning it on, the printer should emit a couple of beeps, and then show on the control panel ready to receive. but it just doesn't beep and nothing is visible on the control panel. therefore I do not have access to the start menu. or to any parameter, it is simply on but does nothing. It is not detected by windows either. any suggestion you can give me?
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    update, i found the problem, it is the CPU Board. now i would love to know how to fix it or where to buy a replacement., the board CUP is altera cyclone ep1c3t144c8n but i cant find it with the board together. any sugestion? or where can i send it to be repaired?

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    There should be a P/N for the current board you have installed. The CPU itself seems to be available on several on-line sites.

    What is the make / model of your computer??

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    Usual procedure for that is to remove the electronic rack (the box in the back bottom that contains the boards) and send it in for diagnosis. You can order the one board, but if you get in a situation where it's something else when you get it back, it's no good. There are only about 6 connections and you really cannot hook it up wrong, just make sure you remember where they all are. Diagnostic fee maybe a benjamin or so. That's your best bet. You have to contact Gravotech and set up an RMA so they track it.
    Keep this machine ultra clean and lubricated, don't run it over 75 % speed or so for long periods and it should serve you well. Good Luck!

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