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Thread: Car Issues

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    Could be a bad load of gas, as well as being just old. I would drain the tank if you can, then put new half tank of gas with some techron (Chevron) additive. Then run the car hard for a while, trying to use higher rpm up and down on ramps or whatever you have locally. Give the injectors a good cleaning. If this solves it, use that old gas in your mower or whatever.

    My brother bought a very low mileage Jaguar, that had poor power and idle. That solved the problem. It was used very little by a little old lady and probably never had the injectors working hard. It now drives like a different car.

    If this solves it, I also suggest not filling the tank very high, so that you will keep the gas fresher. You can always fill it up when you take a long drive.

    PS: If this car has coil on plugs, there are no spark plug wires as such. I recently changed one coil pack on my '05 T-Bird.
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