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Thread: FS: 1950 Delta 12-14 restored and fully optioned out!

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    FS: 1950 Delta 12-14 restored and fully optioned out!

    I'm downsizing and sad to see this go but I need the space. Up and running I use it almost daily. This is a fully restored 1950 machine that i repainted, replaced the arbor bearings and belts, and also the bearings in the 5hp 3-phase motor. Currently running on a rotary phase converter.
    Located east of Asheville, NC (and not up in the mountains!) I have additional detailed pictures if anyone is interested. This has several things of great value two being the dust door and the cast iron goose egg motor cover. I replaced the original rip fence with a Very Super Cool Tools Biesemeyer style fence with the 80/20 fence. This is actually fantastic because you can attach stops, dado fences and other jigs and fixtures to it easily.

    These saws also came with a removable arbor so you can put a dado arbor on it. As you can see in the picture it's quite long so you can conceivably put a very wide dado set on there. These go for $175 on eBay.

    Here's a list of what would come with it. The rotary phase converter, which is compact, is negotiable since I have another machine that runs on 3phase, but we can discuss. Here are the values I've put on the components based on what I've paid.

    $225 Custom machined Throat plate with sacrificial insert
    $250 Mobile base with HD polyurethane casters
    $100 14" Tenryu rip blade
    $100 14" Tenryu cross cut blade
    $50 12" Freud plywood blade
    $250 Rotary Phase Converter
    $125 Dado arbor
    $100 Spare stub arbor
    $750 Saw
    $200 Freud 10" Dado set
    $300 Very Super Cool fence with 80/20 fence

    Total $2,550, or bring me your best offer and we'll talk.
    I have a tractor with forks if it needs to be set on a truck, or it can roll up a ramp with some winch power.

    This is a fantastic powerful and fun saw to use because it just never slows down. The large table with router extension helps too. The router and the table extension however and not included.

    Thanks for looking.
    JayClick image for larger version. 

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    Great looking saw!

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