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Thread: Garage heaters? Propane ok?

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    Any problems with pellet stove use, not to mutch staining or painting, mostly turning and cutting, glueing

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    Pellet stoves vent to the outside so no problem as referenced with vent free gas heaters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Frederick View Post
    They are legal. In CA the hitch is that it is illegal to install them. Nice trick.
    A year ago so no one would ship unvented into california, we still allow the unvented torpedo heaters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Selzer View Post
    used one of these heaters a lot of years ago in a two-car garage, 3 people working in there laminating cabinet doors. Don't remember how long we were in there. I went out to smoke a cigarette, once I got into fresh COLD air, I started to feel how bad of shape I was in. Forgot about the cigarette and went back in, only one guy, boss, in there, the other guy left to go to the bathroom. I told the boss to get out now, he argued with me, then the other guy came back and both of us got the boss out and opened the garage door to air it out good. Boss took off the rest of the day. The other guy and I kept on working by running the heater EXCEPT when gluing the laminate. Opened the garage door at that time and took a break outside.
    BE VERY CAREFUL using any open flame heater when ANY substance is used that gives off fumes that can be burned.
    Had a very similar experience, unvented heaters are just plain dangerous. Kerosene is worse than propane IMHO, but they are both dangerous.

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    I have a 40K btu Reznor vented ceiling mount unit heater in my 2.5 car garage don't use it as shop except for car/toy repairs. I keep it at 42 degrees until I want it warmer. Keeps ice and snow off the cars. However my garage is drywalled and semi insulated.
    NOW you tell me...

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    Shop heating with wood/pellet stoves: Best better to check with your insurance agent. Some will provide coverage, others will not. About 5 years ago I checked with several carriers about increasing my homeowner’s policy coverage and the coverage for my detached shop. Several asked if I had any type of wood/pellet burning stove or fireplace in the shop. If I did, they would decline coverage. Was told the same several years earlier when we first moved into the new house and shop.

    In my well insulated shop, I run a propane fired Modine Hot Dawg heater, which vents outside and is controlled by a low temperature thermostat. About 20 years old and no problems. Hot Dawg runs off of natural gas or propane. From what my HVAC service has told me, the newer Hot Dawg units are much more efficient.

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