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Thread: HELP...changed email address....

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    HELP...changed email address....

    I changed my email address, now can not access much...
    most pages say I dont have access to this, etc. Even my own profile.
    how can this be fixed?
    the purpose of changing my email address is to attempt to get the notifications working.
    Having a Gmail address I am suspecting is the root cause of never getting notifications...
    so changed it to a hotmail address, and this trouble began. Now I cant even change it back.

    On the FOG, the same issue with no notifications, both forums, problem existed for nearly a decade... many people complained on that forum also, i.e no notifications. A member mentioned how this is often a glitch at Gmail end, and it wont forward notifications. The condition was corrected when I switched email to hotmail address. Tried to do the same here, but things went south ;(

    Hopefully a moderator can look into this, not sure I can get direct messaging, so maybe best to email me direct or just respond here, thx in advance.

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    Send me you new email addres in a Private Message and I will make the change for you.


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    Your account is still showing a gmail address. Send me a private message if you want to change your email.

    Jackie Outten

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