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Thread: Fuji HVLP aircap loose

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    Fuji HVLP aircap loose

    My Fuji HVLP gun isn't spraying like it was yesterday. Noticed the aircap is really loose on the gun no matter how much I tighten the collar. The only thing I can think of is that the air diffuser seal has gotten compressed. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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    Hunh? I have a Fuji HVLP gun - the XPC - and the air cap is held in place by a metal threaded ring. That is, the air cap is held by metal-to-metal surfaces. Thereís no gasket. In fact, I donít know if anything on this gun which could be called an air diffuser seal.

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    Have you confirmed your needle and nozzle are clean and fully seated?

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    The air diffuser is a plastic seal is between the air diffuser and the gun body, at least on the T70 guns. I didn't see one on the XPC parts diagram. Turns our mine is smooshed and spread out so it stuck out of the gun body in a few spots and the collar (threaded ring) would hit it and couldn't tighten all the way down.

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    Yep, as I mentioned to Jamie, one of my seals on the gun is smooshed and deformed and was stopping me from tightening the air cap all the way down.

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