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Thread: house wife question

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    We've actually discovered that food wrapped in aluminum foil lasts much longer than food wrapped with Saran Wrap or in Tupperware containers. FWIW.
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    we will check up on you over the next few days. Hope your Will is up to date. Just in case what type of machinery do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Soaper View Post
    I've used Bloxygen (heavier than air argon gas) in opened paint cans to push out air which would cause the paint to skim over/cure. Seems there's similar products for keeping wine in opened bottles from going bad, might work for cheese too. No idea if it's cost effective
    Propane from an unlit torch does the same thing, and is a LOT CHEAPER. Quit buying Saran wrap from grocery store years ago. Instead bought a 3000' roll for BJ's. May have to buy a second before I die.

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    when I labelled this house wife question it was meant with respect. Thankless job in many cases.

    So since your replies our temps here have changed and see my basil got blackened from low temps one night. Cut that off and took one plant out and few more still out there. Because of someones post on the ice cube tray thing ive done what you said only with some small rubbermaids. Past basil in bags it turned black. I think you are supposed to blanche it, I didnt look it up and dont need more work right now. I took the good quality small Rubbermaid containers I have filled it with leaves and then with water and froze. Will do some more today, If I was smart id mix Basil rosemary, thyme, parsley and Oregano then its one small container drop in and all is there for the large pot of stuff I usually make that lasts maybe 10-12 days.

    Id never heard of the put in water thing and so maybe it will work well for the basil and not blacken. I will have to deal with a larger block of stuff rather than the ice cube thing but it is a large size pot. Sure a block of herbs too large can be cut. ive cut squash on my bandsaw past not ideal but my bandsaw smelled nice for months after. Friend loaned his bandsaw to a friend who ended up cutting frozen fish wiht it. Told me he tried to clean it then threw it out.

    ILl look up blanching and see whats involved.

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