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Thread: Portable Sawyer near Rockland County, NY?

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    Portable Sawyer near Rockland County, NY?

    Does anyone know of a reasonably-priced sawyer who can come to me, in Suffern NY?

    We're cutting down an old growth Red Oak next week, and I'd love to save the bole, which is about 12'x 28" diameter.
    That will theoretically yield about 430 bf.
    I know it's a bit of work to stack & dry it, but what a waste if it goes to the chipper.

    I only need slab sawn, and I don't care if there's some extra waste.

    Guaranteed no nails or other metal.

    The only "local" guys I could find online were more than 50 miles away, and crazy expensive.

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    You could make an inquiry on the Woodmizer Owners Facebook page.

    Woodmizer Owners | Facebook
    Missouri, it's not that bad. Best Regards, Maurice

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    Thanks, Maurice.

    Unfortunately my Facebook account doesn't seem to be working. (I haven't been there in many years.)

    I'm hoping someone local sees this and can do the work, or recommend someone.
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