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Thread: Opinions on Makita Cordless 18V Oscilalting Tool

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    Opinions on Makita Cordless 18V Oscilalting Tool

    I am a big fan of all things Festool, but just couldn't stomach almost $700 for a tool i will probably use at most several times a year(needed here for cutting a part of a window frame off). Even toyed with a cheapie Harbor Freight one but lets not go there. What are your opinions on the Makita XMT03Z for $99 plus batteries? Thanks
    Tim in Hill Country of Texas

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    I have that one, and would definitely spend $99 for it, again, as there are tasks that only it can really do. That said, I never felt the "omg wow" factor that many have described feeling using an oscillating tool (although this is the only one I've ever used). It is heavy and big and seems like the slowest option for the job (in most cases). I wish I could compare it with a Fein.

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    I have the DeWalt 20v counterpart of the Makita model you linked to and it's a good tool that I've found handy in renovating my old house. Multitools might not do anything much super well but they solve problems other tools can't, at least not easily. I'd imagine the Makita is competent also, and the choice may come down to what battery platform, if any, you're on.

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    Why don't we call these things what they are: a BUZZ SAW? Much easier than an oscillating multi-tool.
    NOW you tell me...

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    I have one - I love mine - I got mine as a free tool with the purchase of a Makita assortment.

    Would I buy it again?
    Only if I had the other cordless Makita tools to go along with it.

    P.S. I used the HF corded tools for a few years. While they are Ok and do a decent job, the Makita is in a whole different world.

    Why don't we call these things what they are: a BUZZ SAW? Much easier than an oscillating multi-tool.
    Our handyman calls it a "vibrator". He's 80 something and I don't think it dawns on him what he's saying...
    My granddad always said, :As one door closes, another opens".
    Wonderful man, terrible cabinet maker...

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    I have one I purchased in 2018 for $119 so the $99 is a good deal considering these inflationary times. I have used it several times and it works fine but itís not as powerful as my corded Fein. You cannot go wrong with Makita.

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    I dove into the Makita 18v deep end once my hand me down 14v couldnít hang.

    I got the brushless oscillating tool and itís great. Trim base board, cut nails in fences posts, 45 wood to fit inside posts. Great tool!

    The brushless angle grinder with paddle switch also great. I opted not for the Ďx-lockí cuz blades are more.

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    The makita is a good tool from a generation ago. The dewalt is much better. Makita has a switch and a speed dial, the dewalt is variable speed trigger. That's a huge difference and it makes the dewalt a much better tool. The makita I used didn't have a light, the dewalt does which is good for my tired old eyes. Can't overstate how much better that variable speed trigger makes the dewalt though.

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    I actually prefer the switch and dial of the Makita. When I'm too lazy to grab a step ladder it makes it easy to hold the Makita anyway i want to trim a shim at the top of the door jam (or whatever other task I'm using it for).

    I'd buy it again. I think they introduced a newer model, but I'm not sure if I'd splurge on the more expensive model.

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    I am using Makita 18V tools and have a lifetime supply of batteries. I do not want another platform, so even though it is the old brushed style, I just ordered one from Home Depot for the $99. Quite a bit of difference in price for the new brushless job, but as much as I will use it, it will be fine. Free delivery to my house too.

    I have an old Fein, and it is really slow, probably has a small oscillation.

    Thanks for posting this, it got me off the fence.
    Rick Potter

    DIY journeyman,
    FWW wannabe.
    AKA Village Idiot.

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    I have the black subcompact model, it has been very useful on renovation projects around the house, I would absolutely recommend

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    I've been satisfied with the Makita. The only problem has been its shutting down from overheating if I run it a long time on hard wood. By that time I should probably stop for a minute and look at what I'm doing anyway.

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    I have tons of Makita tools, & the this one is fine , but it has no lock for the switch, so it is easily turned on while being driven around in the truck, draining the battery. I have to remove the battery every time. Still, used much more than the original Fein, with cap screw blade clamp. A tool well suited to battery power, since it is used generally for short time periods. I found the Fein tool pretty useless for many years, but eventually discovered that it was the blades that I had that were lacking, not the tool itself.

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