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Thread: Engraver Recommendation

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    Engraver Recommendation

    Looking to get into engraving on wood. Looking for recommendations on how to get started.

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    First, what is your goal? Hobby, one or two pieces a month, to full time, running a business. There is a MILE or 100 between those.
    Hobby, maybe a diode laser, or small k40 CO2, or business, the largest Trotec or Epilog you can buy. From a $100 to $100K. Seriously.
    Second, research. TONS of stuff here. Just start reading. Once you narrow down your objectives, then you can ask questions.
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    Not looking to go into production; plan is being a hobbyist. But Iíve learned that most times for a few more dollars, the value and potential is greater.

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    I don't have a laser yet but I'm doing some serious looking. A lot of people seem to like Thunder lasers.

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    So what size projects do you have in mind? what thickness of materials do you plan to cut . will you cut and engrave or just engrave. Laser come in all sizes and power. so you need to know what your gonna do before we can recommend whats your budget for a laser???????

    OK to give you an idea I have a Rabbit laser, 6040 bed size about 24x 14" with a 60 watt tube. cost about 7k. It will cut 1/4'' wood no problem and engraves pretty fine stuff like the Mayan Calendar will cut and engrave most materials, you can google a list of co2 materials it will cut and engrave.
    So this should give you a starting point.oh it has a 9" z axis
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    Take a look at the LAHobbyGuy's website, forum and/or Facebook page. He does very objective reviews of all kinds of lasers. His forum has good discussions, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Gibbons View Post
    Not looking to go into production; plan is being a hobbyist. But I’ve learned that most times for a few more dollars, the value and potential is greater.
    I had a Lightobject 40 watt CO2 machine and it worked fine, had for sale on here before it sold on Facebook Marketplace. Techi stuff does not sell on here for some reason. This is a machine I used for a couple of years and I can recommend, the Rabbit USA laser that Bert has is also good.
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    Depending on what finish you are looking for as engraved have you looked at mechanical engravers as well as laser.
    Different methods and very different results.
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