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Thread: Engrave lab 8 expert keeps randomly not lifting up the Z and then going haywire

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    Engrave lab 8 expert keeps randomly not lifting up the Z and then going haywire

    So just bought engravelab 8.1 and used the same drivers that i used on engravelab 10 trial and the 8 version keeps randomly going haywire and not lifting up the Z on my new hermes vanguard 3000lt. Im using the quality one engraver made driver for the 3000lt. I booted up the trial on version 10 and it’s completely fine… any suggestions?

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    I've found out - the hard way - that old and new versions of some software and hardware don't play well together when mixed up. I have a 2004 model Gravograph LS900 40w laser, which works great with Gravostyle software, UP TO a certain point. For this machine I use version 5.3, no issues. I also have a 2010 model 35w Gravograph LS100 point 'n shoot laser, and a 2010 Gravograph IS-400 point 'n shoot rotary engraver. Both these machines run using Gravostyle 7.0. If I try to run either machine using 5.3, they'll work, but always with several "YOUR SOFTWARE IS TOO OLD!" error messages. AND, there's no point 'n shoot capabilities in the older software. BUT, the worst part was when I decided to run the LS900 laser using the newer software. I was curious because the 7.0 version had LOTS more options, like engraving up from the bottom, manual corrections for slowing down during corner cutting and 'turnaround' power adjustments for raster engraving, and up to 3600 dpi resolution! Problem is, the 900's controller wasn't compatible with the newer software settings. When running settings 'it didn't know', the machine went bonkers. And, I found out afterward that running the different settings permanently corrupted the controller's firmware. Fortunately the machine still works fine AS LONG AS I use the Gravo5 drivers in Corel. If I use the Gravo software AT ALL to run the laser, the machine loses its mind, and the only fix is to uninstall and re-install the software and drivers. To fix the controller and make it compatible with the newer software is a $1200 fix. I've been running it as-is for about 9 years now

    So I said all that to say this: Try to find some Engravelab 8.1 drivers, that'll probably do the trick!
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    If the driver was made back in 06 you would think it would work on the v8 as it does on the v10 though? Seems like common sense? But im still pretty new to everything… its been road block after roadblocks but learning new things everyday

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