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Thread: End grain cutting board w/face grain inlays

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    End grain cutting board w/face grain inlays

    Saw a pic on another w/w website of a walnut end grain cb with fairly large/interwoven maple face grain inlays - beautiful pattern but seems like it would be likely to check/crack over time, esp if itís exposed to water after being used - wondering what the collective wisdom here is - thanks.

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    Old fashioned butcher's chopping blocks are end grain. They are obsolete for food service. For home use it should be fine. I was careful with drying the wood that I made an end grain slab from, it has held up well.
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    Thanks for your reply - I’ve made several end grain cb w/end grain inlays that also have held up well - my question refers to the mix of end grain and face grain, exposure to moisture/water, and whether the resulting stresses from perpendicular grains cause cracking/checking.

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