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Thread: Canvas stretcher

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    Exclamation Canvas stretcher

    Traditional canvas stretcher can, well, stretch the canvas. They use some way to expand the canvas support in order to get the "ultimate stretching".

    It is very difficult to find comprehensive instructions how to make it. Basically it can be done monolithically from a single piece of wood or as a sandwich (laminated). The last one is easier and this guy has a video in YT explaining the process detailed. I followed his instructions except I did not use bead, instead of it I prefer to chamfer the part that would contact the canvas by 15 degrees so I limited the contact stretcher/canvas only in the very outside extreme.

    I also milled my wood from a scrap of hard wood as it was what I had on hand. There is a good reason usually they use softwood: it is harder to make it from hardwood!

    The canvas is so well stretched! I hope this info can be useful for some people.

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