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    I have a Tucker Vice that I purchased new in the late 90s. The vice has been great up until recently. Everything works fine until I get to the last couple terms of tightening. As the vice gets tighter on the workpiece the quick release button depresses, disengaging the screw and stopping any further tightening. I replaced the return spring and lubricated with WD-40 dry lube. Everything works fine until I attempt to tighten the vice. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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    Not knowing the physical size of the "nut" in question and assuming that it is a conventional thead this may be be a dumb suggestion but here goes.

    Have a Helicoil installed. Being Veritas there is a probability that the thread is metric but those are available. If the thread is an Acme or similar this won't work obviously.
    John G.

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    I don't know what a Tucker Vise is, but if you bought it from Lee Valley, chances are they would support it and help you resolve the problem.

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    I have a better answer. Google Tucker vise patent to find all of the various drawings. Perhaps you might find a clue there?

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