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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    4 Jul 2022

    I didn't spend any money on fireworks this year, everything else has gotten so expensive now. I got back a bit ago buying eight 5" long bolts, 25 washers and 10 nuts for the 3/8" bolts (stainless as I don't like rust on my custom work for beds) and that was $60 for the hardware only. I guess I need to find better places to purchase bolt, washer, and nut hardware items!
    The LOML got me a Traeger grill for Father's day and my birthday combined. I will be trying that out today. Already set it up and "seasoned" it like the book said. So now, today, I will cook on it for the 1st time. No shop time this past week as I spent most of the time off from the day job working in the yard and getting my zero-turn commercial mower serviced and repaired. I say repaired because I couldn't get one of the blade off of it, even with an impact wrench and the shop said that it required heat from their torch to get it out. Now I have a new bolt, washer, and mower blade. All others were changed out by me without issue.

    We are now getting heat and humidity warnings from the local weather service so I guess I can truly work on slowing down my woodworking until cooler temps arrive in mid-to-late September.

    That's it for me and Happy Independence Day to each of you! What did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    "Productive" week in a sense for me, outside of several days of sciatica pain that was "not fun". The week started out with being the "rock and stick" picker as my neighbor finished up re-grading the lot next door...which he subsequently had seeded by his landscapers. I'm in charge of watering it, so each day, that's been something I keep track the big sprinkler and move it about 30 minutes later. LOL Exciting. Meanwhile...I finished building and completed a coffee table for my younger daughter and her SO for their "very compact" apartment. There will be a thread about that in Woodworking Projects in a bit. Also bought a bunch of closeout 6x6 pavers to deal with an area just behind our patio, between it and the house which is currently mulched and uncontrollable. I almost broke my trailer bringing that stuff home...I kinda forgot how much it weighed...

    This week is a little CNC work for a friend, perhaps taking care of that patio project and I'll go on from there.

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    I didnít buy any fireworks either. My neighbors like to light em off starting a few days before going to a few days after. I did get some shop time today, finishing a shave Horse. I am working on a walnut Rocker for my first Grandchild and hope to complete a Windsor chair in the future. This is an adjustable shave horse with an optional spoon carving head. D42AD239-DC52-4158-AF82-09C26D853347.jpg687A61D0-88E8-4033-87D5-47B4A199828A.jpg
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    Finally got my jointer to an acceptable even-ness (is there such a word?) so I can use it; bought a Grripper because I get older, I get more cautious. Yes, SawStop.
    I'm making a couple of shop projects, and trying to get some higher grade cabinets finished, but need to get my foster son in a good mood (15YO, it's a battle to pry him from the computer) and help me set the 4x8 on sawhorses to rough cut the tops.
    I'm selling off 3 hand planes, and getting a Custom #4, built for my increasingly arthritic hands.
    Unfortunately, a lot of my time has been settling my son's affairs.
    My religious organization is starting a major spruce-up of painting and lighting upgrades, and I'm in charge - lucky me!
    The forests are safe for the next little while.
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    Nice looking shave horse Todd! Dennis, look forward to hearing how you like the grill.

    I finished the family room sheetrock repairs, wired up the new receptacles, and painted. Put up the new drapery rod and drapes. Actually spent a little time in the shop making a spacer to go behind the new air return grille. The old one was 3/4 thick and the only ones I could find locally were 1/4, so I made a spacer to make up the difference so the trim doesn't look too dorky. Got some flooring laid in the hallway too.

    Mary and I have taken up playing disc golf, in part to replace the exercise we used to get walking the dog, and in part just to have a "joint" activity. We both suck at it, but we're enjoying it.
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