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Thread: Fuji 5 - orange peel w/ thinned Cabinet Coat and little Floetrol

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    Fuji 5 - orange peel w/ thinned Cabinet Coat and little Floetrol

    I cannot seem to get rid of orange peel. I'm spraying in a sun room (we are demolishing it soon). There are two window fans pulling air out and a small air conditioner in one of the other windows. Temp is about 66 and humidity is around 50. I have a Fuji mini-mite 5, pressure fed gravity feed and using PPS cups. Paint is Cabinet Coat thinned to about 25-27 seconds in a ford cup w/ 10z of Floetrol to 32 oz, using a 1.5 cap set. I'm getting very fine orange peel that won't level. The turbine is inside the house which is around 70 degrees and is a good 20 ft away from the spraying area - and I have a whip hose. I have sanded between coats with fine and ultra find sandpaper after I remove the orange peel. I was using a 1.8 cap set - had larger orange peel. With the 1.5 I had to turn the air down on the hose a smidge to get fine atomization around the edges of my fan pattern. When I opened it up there were large droplets around the edges. I'm painting a dresser, it's laying on it's back with the drawers out raised of the floor about two feen. The fans sucking the air out are in front of where I'm spraying so I'm spraying toward them. To give an idea of how I spray, on the side of the dresser I spray a faster vertical coat - overlapping 50% and then spraying again horizontally a bit more slowly after about a minute. I'm not getting any runs or pooling. Fan width is maybe 6 inches, one overlapping coat is fairly opaque but I'm basically spraying all surfaces twice . I've tried spraying just one overlapping pass - seems to be worse. I'm on my 5th coat here, sanded a good bit of the other coats off with several days between coats. I need a last coat that I can live with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. More water maybe? Vodka? The last will make me better.

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    I'm thinking the turbine is heating the air up enough that it cures faster than it can flow out.

    Sorry, I know little about thinning. I sold my turbine rig years ago. About the only thing I thin is automotive paint to instructions for those that require it.
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    That's a huge amount of Floetrol. I've never had good luck with it. If your fan width is only 6" something's wrong. I would ditch it in favor of water and Extender. For your 1.5 mm N/N, I'd add about 4% BM's Extender and then add water to get the viscosity to around 45 seconds #4 Ford cup. Hopefully, this will give you a wider fan. If you have an adjustment on the gun, open it up so you get at least 8", preferably even wider. Check the pattern and adjust the needle so you get a nice oval or racetrack shape.

    You don't need a lot of exhaust air, just enough to move the overspray away. If the pattern and width are good you should be able to spray it in just one direction, overlapping your passes about 50%. If you still get orange peel increase the Extender to 6%.

    FWIW, I had one paint that gave me orange peel, almost spatter, actually, no matter how much I thinned it and added Extender. I've never used the paint you're using, but it might not be spray friendly.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.


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