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Thread: Our First lathe

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    Our First lathe

    Hello, my wife and I work making characters with different kinds of wood we are very happy with it but it takes too long to finish one piece (a month and more). So we are thinking in buying a lathe to make small products (candle holders, pen holders, tool handles, boxes , etc)maybe faster and easy for selling.
    After a week of searching on internet we have these options:
    Rikon 70-150 VSR
    Jet JWL 1015 VS
    We’ve also checked the jet JWL 1221 VS but is more expensive exclusively for us because we live in Peru and the importation shipping , all taxes and courier costs increases considerably the price.
    But all of them are considerable investment so we also think that maybe the JET JWL 1221 VS jet would be the best investment, does it worth it?

    Price in Peru approximately
    Jet JWL 1015 VS $1118
    Rikon 70-150 VSR $ 1210
    Jet JWL 1221 VS $1700
    We’d like to hear your opinions and experiences with this options .
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    I do not have experience wit Jet Lathes. I have had very favorable experiences with other Jet tools. Salutations to the Southern Hemisphere! Maurice
    Best Regards, Maurice

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    Thank you so much , you are so kind.

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    I don't see any Jet 1510 models, you must mean 1015? It will be your choice as they are all very similar. With the Jet 1221 you get a 1 hp motor compared to the 1/2 hp on the 1015. 1 hp on the Rikon. If you intend to turn bowls, that eliminates the 1015.

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    Hello, thank so much for your answer, and youre totally right the model is 1015.
    if I could ask you one question Id like to know if you have some feedback between Rikon 70-150 and jet 1221
    thank you again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Perez chavez View Post
    if I could ask you one question I’d like to know if you have some feedback between Rikon 70-150 and jet 1221
    I have no experience with Jet, so can't compare the two,

    And, I have only related experience with Rikon, in that it is a spin off from Woodfast. I do have experience with Woodfasts, which I have always turned on for over 50yrs. The Woodfast lathe designs have been tested and refined over many decades and are well regarded. They are now manufactured in China as are some components in Jet machinery.

    The basics of a Rikon are likely to to be the same as the matching model in the Woodfasts, but the fittings and finish on the Rikon are likely to be different. I think the equivalent model is WL1216B Woodfast. Lathes like that little Woodfast have been used extensively here by turners to take to turning events, being small enough to transport but also compatible with the chucks and accessories from their larger lathes at home in their workshops. I never owned one myself (I rarely attend such events) but I have never heard of any complaints about them from the experienced woodturners that do own one.

    I have no idea about the level of post-sales support for Rikon in your part of the world. Others on the forum may like to comment on that. Having that post-sales support is an important part of making a purchasing decision. I understand from comments on the forum that post-sales support for Jet is quite good in Nth America. Again, others with direct experience might like to comment there.

    All the best with your decision.

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    Thank you so much, for your time and great explanation, and yes Weve just checked and they are identical, as we keep searching and reading reviews were just about to place the order for Rikon.
    Thank you again wish you great weekend

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