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Thread: Phenomenal experience with Kreg customer service

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    Phenomenal experience with Kreg customer service

    I wanted to call out some outstanding service and support by Kreg recently.

    I've been wanting to add a rip fence to my Delta bandsaw for years but just never got around to it as a board and couple of clamps was working for me just not convenient. I had always eyed the Kreg fence and came close to buying multiple times, just always found something else to spend my money on.

    Well a couple of weeks ago I was at an auction and saw an incomplete Kreg bandsaw fence in a box with other items. I figured I'd buy it and then order the missing parts from Kreg assuming they weren't too expensive.

    On Monday I called to inquire about availability and pricing on the missing parts and the gentleman who took my call said unfortunately they don't really have a parts ordering process but would be happy to send the parts out for free if I'd just give him my mailing address. I tried to explain the situation of buying the incomplete fence but he said this was just the way they do business.

    All the parts arrived the next day and I have to say I'm tickled with the fence and even more impressed with this level of service.

    Just n=1 for me but this type of service will definitely earn additional business from me in the future.

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    Always love to hear about excellent CS. Kudos to Kreg.

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    Ive also had good service from them.
    Glad you like the fence. I love mine.
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    I too like hearing stories about outstanding customer service. I already own many Kreg products and stories like this one will go a long way in ensuring that I keep buying their products.

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    That's how Craig Summerfield started his business model. Todd has continued it. Once broke a clamp pad on a K-33. Tried to order a new one, but instead, Kreg send me a whole new drill guide block- FREE! That's why I say there are two kinds of wood workers, those who bought Kreg first, and those who wish they had

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    Same here - excellent Kreg CS. I bought a used foreman that was missing some parts - they sent them for free!

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    They sent me router table fence parts as well at no cost.

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    This story is good to hear, I'll definitely continue buying Kreg.

  9. I'm glad to hear that. I had stopped purchasing Kreg products, due to a very poor experience with customer service.

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