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Thread: Mini Max T3 Start Switch

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    Mini Max T3 Start Switch

    Hello all!

    I'm hopeful that someone will know a lot more about start switches than I do!

    I bought a T3 shaper as part of an entire shop purchase. It's older.

    It won't start. It has an Iskra DME25

    Iskra sw.jpg

    The "Start" (red) button is soft and pushes in with no resistance. There is no "click" that would be typical.

    Of course, being an older unit, there aren't any of these easily purchased.

    Does anyone have any experience with these? Can they be fixed? What type of shop might repair these?
    Can it be replaced with another new switch? If so, what sort of specifications do I need?

    Thanks to all!


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    I don't know the Iskra brand or T3, but that sure looks like an adjustable overload relay, not a starter. If correct, the red PB is a 'test trip' and will kill the motor when depressed. The black PB should then be a 'reset'. Once the O/L is reset, the normal start/stop PBs should function....???

    ETA - if already tripped, this would explain why the red PB is 'soft'. Reset via black and then see what red does.
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    Thank you, you were right! That's the good news... The bad news is that I could hear it humming and then trip that breaker... Bad start solenoid. So I managed to get the motor out of the cabinet and sure enough, the start capacitor has blown out the little plug on it.

    Sadly, someone thought it a good idea to paint the solenoid black covering up the technical details of the capacitor! Worse yet, it's old and has some sort of storage capacitor attached to it. Here's a picture of it:

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    Since the motor is out, I’d probably take it to a motor repair shop. They should be able to recommend replacement capacitor(s) and supply them - even if you DIY the install.

    Alternative is to contact the motor manufacturer or a distributor with motor model etc. They may then be able to spec the replacement cap(s).

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    Google with "fimec motors" gets you leads to the Italian company, a US importer and distributor, and a company in Los Angeles offering parts and rewinding of Fimec motors. Perhaps one of them can help you with that start capacitor.

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    Here’s a look at a start cap that used in my Bandsaws motor if I’m remember correctly it’s about 4.8 hp. The start cap has a timer or something like that in it. I have a Italian motor Italian bandsaw.
    Good Luck
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