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Thread: Raised panel chest, in Spalted Maple

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    Raised panel chest, in Spalted Maple

    Wednesday PIP, front view.JPG
    Spent the entire month of June.....a Frame & Raised Panel chest,,,
    Wednesday PIP, lid opened.JPG
    17" x 36 x 17" tall...
    Wednesday PIP, lid.JPG
    Lid is also a frame & raised panel....
    Wednesday PIP, end view.JPG
    Handles have bolts. Finish is a Witch's Brew Stain, followed by 2 coats of Amber Shellac, then a single coat of Clear gloss poly...
    There IS a build along the Neanderthal section...
    Wednesday PIP, hinge side.JPG
    Brass hinges around in back...

    Thanks for looking in!
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    No grass grows under your feet. Nice chest,

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    Nice Steve!

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