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Thread: Sawstop sliding table

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    Sawstop sliding table

    Has anyone tried the newer heavier duty sliding table from sawstop? I haven't heard much if any about it. I have seen several unfavorable reviews on the smaller model. My local dealer hasn't sold or even seen one of the larger models.

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    It appears to be the old Excalibur system. I used one for about ten years. It's ok, big enough to handle sheet goods and easy to remove and replace the fence, not high precision but good enough. I mcgyvered my bowed guide rail with some uhmw strips milled straight and had a good run with it before I got a true full size slider. No way would I go back.

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    Couple of years ago I researched the smaller SS sliding table, that took me down a rabbit hole and into the world of sliding table saws. Long story short I sold my rather new ICS Sawstop and replaced it with a Felder sliding table saw. As a hobbyist woodworker I totally love using the sliding table saw after 20+ years of owning cabinet saws.

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    It is the old Excalibur system. General Tools of Canada bought Excalibur and Sawstop bought General. I have one of the original Excaliburs that was a demo at the AWFS show 20 or so years ago. It was more accurate than one would think, but if bumped hard enough, it would have to be re-calibrated. When I bought My Sawstop ICS about 8 or so years ago, I also included the Sawstop version of the old Excalibur sliding table. The newer one is definitely more stout and stays in calibration, even when bumped. I use it in a commercial application and I find it to be extremely accurate, cut after cut after cut. The original Excalibur is now for sale if anyone is interested.

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    Agree with Kevin Jenness. I ran a Uni-saw from 1987-2016 and at one time I had the Excalibur table on it. Took it off as I was not satisfied with it. When I bought my SawStop, I looked at the large slider add-on and it really did look like the old Excalibur, so I passed on it. Prior to purchasing the SawStop, I looked at the small Hammer K sliding table saw, but did not purchase one. As I work from a wheelchair the Hammer-Felder representative stated there was no way to lower the cabinet to 30".

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    there were several generations of those sliding tables.

    Had two mounted on a cabinet saw and while they are light had them braced to each other and the concept cross cut left slide to the right cut to length was easier to use than any saw. As the weight of part you are cutting goes up they will cut inconsistent to square at least the first generation ones i had. If you are doing smaller stuff or solids then they should be fine. I know the last generation felt light years better than the first generation ones i had but any real sliding table saw should be better.

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