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Thread: Brushless micromotor carver

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    Brushless micromotor carver

    I am looking to upgrade my micromotor to a brushless model and was hoping some members may have suggestions. I am currently looking at Ram BP50 and a NSKI 5000. Any input would be appreciated.

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    What size bits will you be using, 1/16, 3/32, or 1/8"? I use air powered die grinders for the 1/8, and 3/32". A modified dentist type drill for the 1/16". All are air powered, much faster and easier to use. The 1/16" runs at 2-400,000 RPM. It's like using a marking pen. No side pull at all.


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    Hi Laryy,
    I have an NSK model NE22SD dental lab micromotor handpiece. Brushless and has a standard 1/8th" collet. My prosth lab man retired 5 yrs ago and it's been sittng on the bench since then.
    PM if intertested., Yhanks, John.

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