I have some stones that are supposed to be soaked, some that ask for a few minutes before use, and some that ask for a spritz. I use them all the same way, under a little stream of running water while I'm using any one of them, and they all work fine like that. I don't have any of the stones that require a slurry to be made on it before use. They go back in a rack on the sharpening sink when not being used.

It should be noted that I live in an area where water runs out of the ground every few hundred yards, and you can hear water running fast at the bottom of a deep well. There is no such thing as wasting a gallon of water here, and it does not go through a treatment plant first. Electricity is generated by water running downhill in the river that the lake is on.

If the King 300 mentioned here is the same as mine, the light green one, it does not require soaking like the old clay ones. I like it.