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Thread: Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2 Jack Plane Type 11, Restored, Tuned-up, and Ready to Use

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    Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2 Jack Plane Type 11, Restored, Tuned-up, and Ready to Use

    Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2C jack plane, corrugated bottom with rosewood tote and knob.
    Type 11, fully restored to a great user and nice looker.
    $160.00 plus shipping
    PayPal or checks accepted (will ship when check clears)

    The Bailey Type 11 was manufactured approximately 1910 1918, has rosewood tote and knob, the lower-style knob which many users prefer, 3 patent dates on the bed, and the best of the Bailey frog designs. The Bailey planes of this era are considered by some to be among the sweet spot of Bailey planes the best features and good quality manufacturing.

    This particular plane has all original parts with 2 exceptions:
    1. The iron has the notched rectangle Stanley logo, indicating that its a later vintage than the Type 11, so was a replacement at some time in the past.
    2. The tote is a beautiful Bolivian rosewood example that came from the workshop of fellow creeker Tom Bussey. I was lucky enough to acquire it from Tom recently and am proud to equip it on this plane. Thank you Tom!

    Regarding condition, the only issue is pitting on the upper part of the iron, which unfortunately hides part of the Stanley logo. Otherwise, the iron is in great shape and close to full length, the cast iron base is solid with no cracks/chips/breaks, and the tote and knob are in excellent condition. This plane has been tuned-up and tested and will make a great user and a beautiful display item in your workshop.

    Restoring old neglected and unusable tools is a retirement hobby of mine when Im between tasks on my honey-do list. This one turned out very nice and I hope to see it end up in the hands of someone who will use and appreciate it.

    Restoration notes:
    The bottom has been lapped and also the front face of the frog. The original japanning was too far gone to salvage, so it was stripped off and the base was painted with several coats of black ceramic engine paint, baked on. The frog was also painted in the same manner.
    The back of the iron was flattened and polished and the leading edge of the chip breaker was honed to mate correctly with the iron. The iron edge was hollow-ground at 25 degrees with a secondary bevel of 30 degrees. The edge was sharpened straight across and is perfectly usable as-is; if desired, adding a camber should be easy by tweaking the secondary bevel.
    All threaded holes were cleaned out and oiled. All exposed metal surfaces have been treated with Boeshield T-9 rust protectant.

    Let me know if you have questions.

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    Just a reminder that this awesome plane with a one-of-a-kind, custom-made tote is still available.

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    I like that you include some history with plane you are offering. Very nice restoration.

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    One more reminder, this No. 5 1/2 Bailey, Type 11 is still available.

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    The frog on the type 11 is a full faced frog. There are no void. This was when Stanley was stile producing really good quality planes. No body had planners, table saws, or jointers in those days. For the most part table saws for the home didn't come into vogue until the early yo mid 50s. The machining on the lower front part of the frog was very good. There is no slop side to side with this plane and it presents the cutting edge square to the wood. When Stanley started manufacturing the newer style of frog, The one with the hollows in it, they also opened up the fit in the lower end and now the frog can be twisted in its location making it harder set the blade. You have to twist the blade in the opposite direction to compensate for the frog and maybe the iron not being sharpened square. Any Stanley Bailey plane with a full machined face is the most sought after plane in my experience.

    And you have one here. And the 5 1/2 size is the most covenanted of the sizes. It used to be the 4 1/2. Good buy for someone that just wants it to work without having to restore it themselves.

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    As a proud owner of a beautifully restored JS #5C Jack Plane, I concur. Enthusiastically. I bet there are a dozen folks out there looking at this and thinking, "I shouldn't" and then a year from now, they will wish they did.

    Inflation, people! Inflation! It's here. Grab this now.
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    I'll take it.

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    This plane has been sold.
    Thanks to all for your kind words.

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