Hi folks,

I was hoping you can give me some help on an issue with my Trotec Rayjet 300 machine, so I`ll try to explain it thoroughly.

The machine is 6 years old and runs on an Iradion 156F 60W RF ceramic tube. A few weeks ago I started to get some issues with it`s power working with acrylic.

I had to bump up thw power and lower speed to continue cutting the acrylic sheets until it was struggling so much I decided to give it a goog clean up, change to new lens and check up the mirror alighnments, wicht I twitched a little bit, I was getting a small difference on the 4 corners and managed to adjust it a little.

Problem is right after that the power was completely gone, using the parameter to cut 3mm acrylic it actually only marked the protective film on the acrylic sheet.

At that point I assumed the tube needed to be recharged and sent it over to repair. Yesterday I got it back, it had been thoroughly tested and supporting an 60-63w on the tests, and before recharging it has been confirmed it really was running out of power.

I plugged everything back in and reinstalled the laser tube exactly as it was when I removed it, and turned the machine on to try and align it, I then put a masking tape over the first mirror entry and proceeded to pulse the laser bean to see what I was working with. It did not mark the tape.

I gave it a few more tests with no look and decided to run a small square to cut from a file, and exactly the same thing before I sent the tube to repair happened, it was able to only mark the protective film.

I spent a lot of time searching for an answer here and all I could come up to a possible reason is maybe a problem with the power suplly, witch I have no knowledge on how it works or how it would affect everything.

So I would like some help to shed some light on this problem and help me solve this, as the tech support I have available here can only come to take a look at things in 2 weeks, but every bit of time I spend without the machine is hurting our business right now.

Please help me figure this out and sorry for the long text!