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    Jewelry Box

    Hello All,
    My daughterís 32nd birthday is coming up, and I wanted to make a nice jewelry box for her. I chose dark walnut for the sides and hard maple for the front/back to emphasize the hand cut dovetails.

    I have been buying rough lumber for previous projects and milling it myself to save money, but itís been hit or miss with the quality and figure of the wood, so I bought S3S lumber to see exactly what I was getting. Even though I still need to mill the lumber to my specs, Iím using this approach going forward.
    I found a small piece of Bolivian Rosewood and loved the figure, so I resawed it and laminated it to a 1/2Ē thick piece of MDF for the center section of the top. Followed with a thin strip of Maple, a thicker strip of Wenge, with the Maple border.
    The lid is attached to the box with Rob Cosmanís wood hinge technique. If youíre interested you can search on Youtube, as he explains it far better than I can. Itís a very finicky process. I ran several tests, and I was reasonably happy with the end result, but itís not perfect. When it is perfect, as is usually the case with Rob, the hinge is almost invisible when viewing the back of the box. The size of the dowel is critical, so that it fits the routed channels perfectly to insure a tight fit and a strong bond when glued. Because of the order of milling and assembly, you get one shot when glueing up the hinge, after spending hours cutting dovetails. If things go wonky, itís back to square one.
    I finished the box with Osmo PolyX Satin. I like this finish for Maple because it doesnít yellow the wood too much, but still brings out the richness of the Walnut. Thanks for looking.

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    Real nice. Like the contrast of thin dividers ,and thicker ends. While it looks like it could have been made in 1950s Ö the TV non working
    Horizontal hold top shows it was definitely not made then !! They would not have thought that was one bit funny ! I donít mind small
    misfit flaws in dove-tails , but I do admire perfect ones in a gift for a lady. Good choice!

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    Very nice! I especially like how you did the top - looks great.

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    So many wonderful elements at work here. The carcass material contrast, the extended sides to make the 'feet', the relief to allow a grip for opening the lid, the hinge, and the wenge framing the BR panel. At first it was a bit of a feature overload but I got over that really quick. So much eye candy. What a great gift for a family member. Sure to be passed down for generations.
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    Thanks gentlemen for your nice comments!

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    Nice clean work, the design was well thought out

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    Nice looking box and great photography.

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    That's lovely!
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    Very nice design and excellent choice of the rosewood. Well done!
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    Beautiful work, Tim.

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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the nice comments knowing that they come from such talented woodworkers.

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    Beautiful project – great attention to detail and matching complementary and contrasting woods! Thanks for posting, look for to see more of your work! Cheers, Mike

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    Nice attention to detail resulted in a beautiful result! Nicely done Sir!

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