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Thread: Max photo size

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    Max photo size

    I just wanted to ask what the photo file size limit is, thanks

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    I don't think there is a limit. The software will resize the photos before posting them. It just takes longer with larger file sizes.
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    Thanks, I appreciate it

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    There is a limit that varies among the types of file attachments here.
    Aaron Koehl recently changed many of the picture file sizes to make them larger but i can't remember what the new numbers are.
    Our software will adjust most of the files while uploading but there is a limit, very large files can be rejected for good reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Weber View Post
    I just wanted to ask what the photo file size limit is, thanks
    You might just try a test, that’s what I did years ago: get some various sizes of images together, make a test message, upload them (maybe one at a time, deleting them with Manage Attachments in the Advanced mode, then delete the message.

    The time I did this, long before the recent changes, I found I could upload some images with surprisingly large file sizes. In some cases certain larger files could be uploaded when certain smaller files were rejected. (I’m guessing it was related to the image content and compressibility of the images.)

    I rarely try to upload large files. I resize and possibly crop each photo and save a copy to an organized set of “For Uploading” folders and upload them instead. Each file is saved at a file size no larger that 199k. This only takes seconds. I use these reduced size photos for forums, email, etc. The image quality is fine for display on a computer screen and the time to upload is quicker. I reuse some of these files many times.

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    Thanks John, I was asking for a different reason. Trying to find out if there is an average size that forums have settled on.

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