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Thread: A segmented Ellipse coffee table

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    A segmented Ellipse coffee table

    Sharing a coffee table I just finished building.
    Walnut with Ash inlays. The base is made from stacked laminated parts.
    This project involved a lot of interesting techniques, many of which were new for me, so a learning experience for sure. All curves were cut at the bandsaw, no template routing involved.

    Bottom shelf was attached with dowels using a shop made dowel template cut to mate to the opposing curves. Not sure how that would be possible with a Domino or biscuit joiner.
    Clamping involved cauls made from cut-offs or sawn to match the curves. Same with sanding blocks. I ended up sanding the base legs totally by hand (ugh!).
    The inlays were made from bent laminations so the grain would follow the curve and tapers.
    The top was connected to the base using a new type of fastener I found called the Izzy skirt washer. Basically an update on the old figure eight table top fasteners. I installed threaded inserts in the underside of the top and used machine screws so the whole thing can be disassembled, although I'm not so sure it will be necessary to do so.

    Overall size is 63" long by 39" wide
    Finished with Osmo Polyx using a grain filling procedure

    4Y1A7481-Edit flat sm.jpg4Y1A7463-Edit sm.jpg4Y1A7455-Edit sm.jpg4Y1A7507-Edit sm.jpg4Y1A7553-Edit flat sm.jpg4Y1A7565-2 sm.jpg
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    You really knocked this one out of the park Edwin. That is just gorgeous. A huge coffee table though; hope the room it's going in is appropriately sized. I did a double take on the top before seeing that the segments actually are stepped. That might be my favorite feature, but the whole thing is so well done I'd rather not choose because the base is another element that's really well done and perfectly complements the top. Well done indeed.


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    like everything you post, this is fantastic on a couple levels.

    the coopered base is so tastefully done.

    the grain match is impeccable.

    but the best is the staggered leaves. such a great idea.

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    I like it very much.
    The offset in the edge brilliant.
    Too me it gives the table movement. Really unexpected

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    Wow, that is so nice, and I really appreciate the finished photography as well as in the in-progress pics.

    Agree the stepped edge really is a show stopper - the one shot where you can see the inlay coming all the way to the edge with a perfect profile routed is beautiful.

    I also love the shelf being the opposite gentle arc underneath.
    - Bob R.
    Collegeville PA (30 minutes west of Philly)

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    Wow, that is amazing. Fantastic work!
    And there was trouble, taking place...

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    Beautiful work!

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    That is beautiful work Edward! Congratulations! As others mention, the stepped edge is a novel feature that I immediately tuned into. I admire the process of innovation and creativity artists apply in their work. How did you hit on using that feature in your table?

    "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger or more takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - E.F. Schumacher

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    Another beautiful piece! Congratulations!
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    - Sir Edmund Burke

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    That is what I call style!

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    Edwin, what everyone else said. Fantastic. I am not an artist but appreciate your creative ability. I think the tapered ash strip is very elegant, indeed.
    Thank you for sharing with us mere mortals.

    Best, Patrick

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    Quite a lovely piece and Kudos on the photography.


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    This is an outstanding piece of workmanship and an interesting design. Running the edges "wild" is masterful and most folks would have recut it to a perfect ellipse. Bravo!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    How do you come up with stuff like this? Were you planning to make a smooth ellipse, screwed up on the bandsaw and came up with a brilliant save, or did you plan for the top to come out like this? What drugs do you take, and can I play with them before I retire? I mean, I want to try peyote someday, but I am concerned about flashbacks when I am on the clock so I am saving that special trip to the four corners for after I retire.

    Brilliant design as usual, impeccably executed, but I am dying to know how you come up with your designs.

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