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Thread: Design advice for my 9m wide library cabinets

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    Design advice for my 9m wide library cabinets

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for any and all advice for a proposed cabinet / library design i plan to build in the near future. I learned to use sketchup of the past few days so appologies if the design design is a bit rough around the edges (but dimensions are correct). I have quite a tall cathederal ceiling and i am not sure what to build in the top section ? e.g. keep the design as shelves. The plan is also to have a quiet glide rolling ladder (hence the large horizontal piece acrross the middle top). Everything will be made from ply, and painted, apart from the shelves and shelv sides / backs which will stay natural wood, likley stained birch ply. The large white rectangle on the right side is a TV.

    In addition, not sure about the cabinets above the doorway, if i should fill the gaps, or widened then cabinet to fill the gaps. Any advice, input or design help is much appreciated! this is my first time! I hope to do a build series if that is of use to anyone.

    thanks in advance.
    Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 2.29.23 pm.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 2.28.47 pm.jpg

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    I have been stewing on this since I read the first thread, and finally have an idea. Get some masking tape and tape your verticals up the wall, and then use the same masking tape to put in some "shelves" and "cabinet doors". Shouldn't mess up the paint too bad, and you are going to build over it anyway. If your existing wall is already light brown, use the blue tape. When the proportions look right in a jarring color you know you will be happy with it.

    I like book cases tall and not too fat, but your scale is mind boggling.

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