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Thread: Thoughts on Jet JWP-208-1 Planer

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    Thoughts on Jet JWP-208-1 Planer

    I found one of these locally but have yet to see it in person, only a couple pictures. Looks clean from what I can see. Guy says he bought it used a few years back. Appears to be about 10-15 years old and he said it needs a waxing of the tables (not a big deal) and he just rotated the knives. It only has one roller on the infeed and outfeed tables, not 3 rollers like the new ones. I e see the knife cost is about $200+.

    I have a DW735X already. What is all your thoughts on this one vs my current one and what’s a fair price. I know used tool prices are up there right now.

    Thanks for any feedback. You guys and gals haven’t steered me wrong yet!

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    The 735 is a screamer and the Jet is likely to be quieter. It's also wider than the 735. If you can get it for a good price, I'd do it.

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    I agree with Mike, far better machine than a portable planer.

    The only issue with planers with bed rollers is that bed rollers are for wet or rough timber, in furniture making you’re planing dry wood that has been jointed since we want flat material, so you adjust the rollers slightly below the surface of the bed.

    In this market anything less than 70% of new is a good price, there’s a world wide machine shortage…..Regards, Rod

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    Looks like retail is $3699 and Rockler at least shows in stock. So use that as a starting point. Look at the condition and hopefully you can at least power it up. It should be a major step up over the lunch box planer you have now. Let us know if you get it.
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    I appreciate the responses. Anyone have experience or concerns with the jet unit.

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    I dragged my feet too long and it sold. I know better but also wasn’t necessarily in the budget right now. I could’ve swung it but wifey wouldn’t have been thrilled. I know others will come along but still it’s the one that got away. Thanks for the feedback.

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