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Thread: Cremains Box for a Friend's Best Friend

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    Cremains Box for a Friend's Best Friend

    My friend's dog died a few weeks ago. He asked me to make a box for her ashes. I'd never made such a box. Another friend said you make them with the top already attached and with the bottom screwed on, that's how the ashes are added. Well, next time, because I had already finished making this one.

    It's 6 x 8 x 2-1/4" and made from curly maple and Sapele outside and walnut inside on the bottom. My CNC made adding her name an easy process. The finish is India Ink in the lettering and rattle can lacquer.

    I figured he can just glue the top on with some silicone or similar caulk.


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    Nice work John. I've made a couple of those myself.
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    Beautiful job and always a wonderful gesture to do that for someone.
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    Nice job John!
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