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Thread: How to remove a water stain from red oak coffee table?

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    How to remove a water stain from red oak coffee table?

    I have a red oak coffee table I designed and made several years ago. I finished it with Waterlox and really like the way it turned out. Unfortunately, someone ignored using a coaster and left a water stain from his beer glass on the table. Of course, when I look at the table now the stain is all that I see. Is there a way to fix the problem? Thanks.

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    Try a little mayonnaise. Really.

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    I have always taken a bit of cheescloth folded over a few times and dabbed it in oil (linseed or canola or anything like that) and then dabbed it in Rottenstone powder (some people use cigar ashes) and gently rub it back and forth over the spot.

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    The best method I've found is to use a linen towel and a home iron. Set the iron on the cotton setting fold the cloth so there are two layers. Place the cloth over the water stain and then iron it with the iron. Lift the cloth from time to time to check the progress. When you can no longer see the stain stop and let it cool. If you can still see part of the water mark, repeat the process. I have used this method on dozens of water stains with success.
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    Iíve used a hair dryer . Beware of Damaging the sheen.

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    dabbed it in Rottenstone powder (some people use cigar ashes)
    Yep - has to be cigar ashes .

    As I understand it, cigar and cigarette tobacco is grown and cured different. Or at one time they were. Who knows now.
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